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She was sent to model over seas, but while there, was told she was too old to book jobs, so she wound up over seas, nearly broke, and by herself.

(She blamed Tyra for this, so she harbors some bitterness toward the retired supermodel.) Tyra has since never used footage of her when promoting America’s Next Top Model or past winners of the show.

In panel, she took out a note and apologized to Barker.

There was a small bit of controversy regarding her on the show as well.

English is also the host of Oxygen’s biggest premiering show to date, Pretty Wicked.

The then 20-year-old Joliet, Illinois native was a waitress before her appearance on the first cycle of America’s Next Top Model.She was noted for her striking comparability to Rebecca Romijn and Karolína Kurková.In the early stages of the cycle, her personality was considered fun and outgoing, most notably during her “hiding dizzily” at a panel challenge.Also, during that same episode, she mentioned in an emotional outburst during the acting challenge, that she knew about stress and had attempted to kill herself earlier in life because of it.She was criticized for making an impulsive yet crude joke to fashion photographer and ANTM judge Nigel Barker during the bullfighting photo shoot in Barcelona, asking him “Did you just remove that from your ass from the last panel? However, English has stated that “he actually joked back”, and was never really mad.

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Adrianne and her family and friends appeared on NBC’s new show Celebrity Family Feud, which premiered on June 24, 2008.

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