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American soldiers visiting NATO's eastern members, in particular the Baltic states, have been subjected to intimidatory approaches by Russian intelligence officers, and unofficial reports suggest they have also been subjected to cross-border electronic attack including jamming from Russian territory.

Low passes of US warships coming dangerously close, as in this week's case, were a feature of the Cold War.

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Russian bluster As was to be expected, Russia has denied any wrongdoing.

A Russian Ministry of Defence spokesman claimed the aircraft ‘turned away after identifying the vessel’.

It seems Western nations need to be prepared for incidents like this to continue for as long as Russia wishes to dissuade the US and NATO from supporting allies like Poland and the Baltic states – or until a miscalculation turns Russian brinkmanship into an avoidable tragedy.

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Among the agreement's provisions against interfering with navigation there is a specific ban on coming close to vessels that are conducting landing or taking off of aircraft. This and other recent behaviour by Russia is both dangerous and in breach of international agreements, and risks causing a serious incident.Russia has been consistently testing the judgement and restraint of the US military.This trend has also seen aggressive and provocative manoeuvres against Western aircraft in Syria, in particular during a deployment by US F-15Cs and Es to Turkey in late 2015.There, the United States and Russia reached an agreement on separation and safety measures while their aircraft were operating in the same airspace.

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It appears in this incident, as in previous ones, the Russian Su-24s did not respond to radio messages on safety frequencies.

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