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Xdating for sex in albertville alabama

So we knew we would have to do fertility again.' Within six weeks they were pregnant again and a doctor told Courtney she was carrying six babies in late June. Courtney added to The Gadsden Times: 'It was the shock of our lives. I’d say we finally came to terms with it a couple of weeks ago.' Courtney said to AL.com: 'It took several weeks of coming to terms with it.They saw six (placental) sacs.'She continued: 'We were distraught, worried, scared, anything but happy. We already have three children.'I've got to be here for them. It was just a big fear that would not leave our minds. Sometimes you have to repeat yourself, or explain to them what you're talking about.' The couple's immediate concern was placed on Courtney's health and her ability to safely carry six babies, as multiples are usually delivered prematurely.In 1811, Huntsville became the first incorporated town in Alabama.However, the recognized "founding" year of the city is 1805, the year of John Hunt's arrival. Robert Mosley, an African-American man, was hanged in Huntsville on March 22, 1890 by a white lynch mob.

The womb and placenta also find it difficult to provide enough room and food to successfully raise large multiple births.

Pictured: Waldrop family Courtney and Eric have been dating since eighth grade and were married in 2004, reported WHNT19.

They had their first son, who is eight years old, in 2009 and welcomed twin boys, who are now five years old, in 2012.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop, of Albertville, Alabama, were stunned when they learned in late June that they would be having sextuplets.

They already have an eight-year-old boy and twin boys who are five years old.

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A mother-of-three who was trying for her fourth child is now pregnant with sextuplets.

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