Won bin is dating derek hough and maria menounos dating

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Won bin is dating

LOL, this is totally a drama scene and its good to know there is some basis in reality for seedy paparazzi lurking around a celebrity’s pad.

No word yet from their agency but if its true than I’m happy for them.

[ 308, -15] I don't even like their pictures being used side by side....... [ 271, -6] Won Bin's prettier than her - Article: Won Bin - SNSD Sooyoung dating scandal, "Unfounded rumors" Source: Sports Seoul via Nate 1. That's comparable to Obama giving a marriage proposal to Lee Jung Hee 2.

I have nothing against celebrity couples, I think people in the same profession have a high likelihood of lasting due to shared interests and common discussion topics, though by nature of the beast being shared celebrities negates that advantage since the profession provides ample opportunity for straying or simply not spending enough time together.

As was common for other children living in mountainous regions, Won Bin spent most of his time playing around with friends in the mountains and rivers, and later explained: "I came back home most nights at sunset with a black and dusty face." He was frequently shy, introspective, and quiet, character traits that would continue to follow him throughout adulthood.

While not talkative or outgoing, he excelled at athletics.

The only audience boon is seeing two very beautiful people falling in love, rather like watching a drama couple in real life and perhaps learning about a rather romantic dating history.

Or as romantic as being in the same agency and sharing the same stylist and thereby spending time together and falling in love, which is allegedly the spark that has now mushroomed into a possible relationship between reclusive K-actor Won Bin ().

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She is very photogenic and she has a beautiful body.

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