Windows dns forward lookup zone not updating Comefreecam com

Posted by / 15-Jul-2020 10:18

Windows dns forward lookup zone not updating

The address is a virtual interface for a single Hyper-V guest on a secondary physical interface - oh yes they're rocking Hyper-V on a DC.

Also, the two servers are separated by a site-to-site VPN but all traffic on the VPN is permitted both ways. The both servers are explicitly configured to automatically notify the other server of zone updates.

Also, I was filtering the ASA logs by the first three octets (192.168.250.

X) so even if the other address wasn't a named object I would have never seen it.

I could not get rid of the entry in DNS even after deleting every instance of it from the copper.local domain, setting the interface to not register itself in DNS, making sure it wasn't set to respond to DNS requests, flushing the DNS cacehe and it would always come back.

Traffic was originating from the wrong IP address ( instead of

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The entries below are from the ASA on the copper.local domain.

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