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Wiki ar ar dating

The debate over terminal effectiveness will outlast all of us, so I’ll stick to the theoretical performance idea.

A very small and very light bullet, moving insanely fast, should fragment, tumble, and wreak all sorts of havoc on organic targets. There’s also plenty of evidence that it’s not a magic one-shot stopper like the old 7.62 and .30-06 ammo fired from M-14s and M1 Garands.

You’ll want a longer barrel to take full advantage of this one, and, due to the larger case diameter, you’ll need a new bolt.

Even though the cartridges are larger, you can still stuff about 26 of them into a standard size magazine.

Of course, .308 is admittedly related to the Armalite AR-10, not AR-15 family. The neatest and spiffiest thing about AR-type rifles is that they’re not really just a single rifle type.

When it comes to diversity, I put my money where my mouth is. Not only that, I’ve been begging the folks at Smith & Wesson to come out with an M&P 338, chambered in, you guessed it, .338 Lapua. They’re a platform, or set of common design specifications on which you can build a whole lot of differrent, but related, guns.

Here’s another one I really like, although I can’t exactly say why.

Everything is bit larger owing to the need to handle bigger cartridges. The thinking was that the average soldier could hump a lot more cartridges if they were smaller and lighter.

I don’t mean vaguely similar, I mean it’s literally the exact same case, trimmed down and reshaped with a lower and less aggressive shoulder to accommodate a .30 caliber bullet.

There are some 300 Blackout specific magazines that do a better job of handling odd-shaped bullets, but, for the most part, compatibility is excellent.

In these troubled times where everyone wants to stir up trouble and hate over our differences in appearance, I want it to go on record that I don’t just tolerate diversity, I embrace it.

In my safe right this moment, I have AR-type rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm, 6.8 SPC, 300 Blackout, and .308 Winchester.

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This flying brick approach yields 544 foot-pounds of energy.

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