Why is norton updating constantly

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Why is norton updating constantly

If you heard about the incident with Google and 30 other companies, then you understand the dire straits we are talking about.Your system must be defended at all times and there is only one way to do that.So some companies that make antivirus software respect that decision.Unfortunately, updating your antivirus is the one thing that you should not need to ask permission to do.I tried cleaning my registry, I did a system restore back to March 1st. Would it be better to switch to a different anti-virus program or is there a fix for this? Since you haven't had a problem, prior to a few days ago, I feel compelled to ask: • Have you installed any other third-party, security software (running in real-time) within the past few days?Only for the last 3 or 4 days, when the system idle background task runs on NSS, it will not stop until I shut down my computer. Once I reboot, it is fine until my computer sits idle for a 30 minutes (after reading on here to change the idle time), then once it starts it will not stop. I downloaded this from Comcast back when they first offered it and haven\u0027t had a problem until now. The following is a mixture of "general knowledge" and what I was able to find, as a result of searching Norton's Community Forum. You didn't include which version of NSS you have installed. • Are you sure Windows Firewall is still turned off?Every country with modern day facilities has hackers that are trying to find victims on the Internet.There are even countries now that have state sponsored hackers.

The full system idle scan will run weekly and a quick idle scan will run on definition update.If you make the sad mistake that you know everything about your computer and you know how to avoid viruses all of the time, then you will probably be the first victim.There are so many different ways to attack the modern day operating system that there is no way that you know them all. So you have to put your faith in the hands of the professionals and let them do what they do best.Did you try:• Changing the Task Scheduling from Automatic to Manual? You may find some useful information within these threads: Norton Security Suite for Comcast - Note it's 2 pages Comcast Norton Security Suite very slow Norton Security Suite for Comcast Users NIS 2011's background tasks resulting in constant disk activity - Despite it being NIS, it's worth a read.See "Norton Security Suite - How to stop automatic scans? Comcast urges their NSS users to post qustions at Norton's Other Norton Products sub-forum.

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