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Whos have found ways to monetize the intimacy they share with their followers.When celebrities like Serena Williams and Rihanna land sponsorship gigs with Nike or Dior, they know their image is in good hands.5 Things to Know About the New Bachelorette,” which includes such facts as “She’s Got Beauty and Brains” and “She’s an Animal Lover.” Whos can only ever be a little bit famous; there is something charming about that, like a homespun version of celebrity.But don’t confuse Whodom with obscurity or viral fame.Whos take a quantity-over-quality approach, sharing innumerable sponsored posts across all their social platforms.Promoting a waist trainer (Amber Rose), teeth-whitening kit (’ Jax Taylor), or other wellness products (ever heard of Sugar Bear Hair gummies?Whodom was enabled by social media: Our new, post-Facebook internet allows the fame game to be played on a weirdly level field.

And over the past few years, Thems have become more elusive, because inaccessibility connotes power.Even Cardi B, now a Them, is finding it hard to leave her Wholebrity income behind, reportedly accepting ,000 a month to continue promoting beloved affordable-clothing brand Fashion Nova on her Instagram account. While Thems are notorious for offering “No comment” when confronted with controversy, a Who will happily reply to almost any negativity on any medium with a one-liner.When Piers Morgan retweeted a mostly nude photo of model Emily Ratajkowski, adding, “Do you want me to buy you some clothes?But to ignore Whos, or pretend to be above them, is to miss out on the cultural conversation of the moment: We are living, increasingly, in a Who universe.These people, the sorta famous, have always been with us.

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They used to be known as C-through-Z-list celebrities. The click-seeking media cover Whos with nearly as much passion as they do those on A- and B-lists (“Thems,” as we like to call those more recognizable stars), even if the Who has no immediately discernible skills or credits to his or her name.

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