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In the obnoxiously long clip, Durst disrupts pedestrian and vehicular traffic, pops out of a large recycling bin, clumsily rides a bicycle down the street and does his best impression of the Carlton dance from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" — all while lip-syncing British post-punk outfit Modern English's 1982 classic "I Melt With You." The video was never intended for public consumption.

Trouble is, guitarist Wes Borland wants no part of it (see "Wes Borland Sees The Black Light, Says No More Bizkit For Him"), having formed his own rock outfit, Black Light Burns.I thought it was romantic — hey, I'm a romantic guy." These days, Durst continues to make movies — the legitimate kind.His first stab at directing, "The Education of Charlie Banks," will debut this weekend in New York as part of Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival (see "Fred Durst: The Next Martin Scorsese? And while Durst plans to dabble with film in the future, his first love is music in general and Limp Bizkit in particular.Plenty of us have had to work jobs we hate, but Borland’s job is to be the guy who used to be on , and if he hates it, he really just has himself to blame. Michael, who will certainly weigh in in the comments section, regards Borland as one of the people who profited by destroying metal in the ’90s.

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He said he's really not sure what vocalist Fred Durst is doing at this point, and Borland also didn't sound terribly excited about the new material at all.

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