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The Byronic Hero is a type of character popularized by the works of Lord Byron, whose protagonists often embodied this archetype (though they did exist before him). Sometimes an Anti-Hero, others an Anti-Villain, or even Just a Villain, Byronic heroes are charismatic characters with strong passions and ideals, but who are nonetheless deeply flawed individuals who may act in ways which are socially reprehensible because he's definitely contrary to his mainstream society.A Byronic hero is on his own side and has his own set of beliefs which he will not bow nor change for anyone.A Byronic hero is a character whose internal conflicts are heavily romanticized and who himself ponders and wrestles with his struggles and beliefs.Some are portrayed with a suggestion of dark crimes or tragedies in their past.More overlapping tropes include Utopia Justifies the Means, which, like a Byronic hero's style, may be immoral or villainous acts in the name of some higher cause which would otherwise be a positive goal.The Lovable Rogue shares the Byronic hero's charisma, likability, and tendency to break the law.Not to be confused with a Classical Anti-Hero, a Tragic Hero or a Tragic Villain.Classical anti-heroes have many flaws but without any violent or sociopathic traits Byronic heroes have.

But at other times—and this is Truth in Television more often than not—Alice never succeeds in reforming her beloved, not even if she sacrifices to the point of death.Vampires are often written as this kind of character, as a way to romanticize an otherwise disturbing creature.This is altogether fitting, as Lord Byron himself was the inspiration for one of the first pieces of vampire literature, , by John William Polidori, Byron's personal physician.More often than not the core of most fanfics written by teenage girls putting Draco in Leather Pants for their self-inserts to redeem with the power of like-OMG twu lub.(Or the power of like-OMG good sex—or, more accurately, the power of Ikea Erotica).

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Tragic Heroes suffer from a specific sin in particular, which is treated as their Fatal Flaw, and are often well-intentioned or otherwise blameless.