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Who is the dating site murderer

(For the record, he was also wanted for killing an ex-girlfriend in Phoenix.) Following the attack, Beckman underwent several surgeries to repair her jaw, save her eyesight and hearing and to replace part of her skull, Courthouse News Service reports.

Mary Kay Beckman first met Wade Ridley after the online service paired the two up in September 2010, and knew him for only 10 days before breaking up with him.

The discovery prompted the formation of large group of dedicated web detectives that sought to track the culprit down, using details from the video: Russian being spoken in the background, a blanket only sold at one retail outlet, the model of vacuum cleaner the killer used.

Their research led them to a Facebook user with an unprintable username that they subsequently identified as Luka Magnotta, a Canadian resident with a checkered past, but their suggestions to authorities fell on deaf ears.

Jeffreys (left) is seen being taken into court for an earlier hearing, while Karen Catherall's mother Glenys Kier and her partner Esmor Evans are pictured leaving Mold Crown Court after yesterday's sentencing Members of Ms Catherall's family give a statement outside court yesterday.

Mr Justice Wyn Williams had said that Jeffreys subjected his victim 'to a ferocious, sustained and in the end deadly attack' in her own home'They will continue to suffer for some time to come although we hope in the fullness of time those feelings will abate but we recognise that they were never, ever fully go away,' he said, adding that the killing had not been pre-meditated.

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Donnelly has a string of convictions for threatening and abusive behaviour, possession of a knife, criminal damage, robbery, racially aggravated assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm over an attack on a prison officer, battery, and other acquisitive crimes.

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