Who is ron perelman dating

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Who is ron perelman dating

But until now few had heard how he had spent years trying to fund an experimental vaccine to treat her cancer. They were introduced by a mutual friend at what Perelman jokingly called his "cafeteria," the legendary restaurant Le Cirque. Perelman, then 40 years old, was on the verge of becoming a force on Wall Street.

Then he acquired a stake in Mac Andrews & Forbes Group, the licorice-extract maker that would eventually become his main holding company.

A few months later Robert Cohen threw a party for the newlyweds at the nightclub Palladium, where the Pointer Sisters performed.

At the time Perelman was in the midst of a bitter takeover battle for control of Revlon (REV).

Ten months after the wedding, Perelman finally took over the giant cosmetics concern; Robert Cohen accompanied his triumphant son-in-law to the Revlon office when the deal closed.

After the takeover, Perelman was suddenly a billionaire.

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J., market, they had to deal with shakedown artists, racketeers, and even Mafia thugs. Robert Cohen was 82 years old when he learned in February of 2008 that Ronald Perelman was mobilizing one of the most feared law firms in the country to sue him.