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Who is melissa tkautz dating

She first made a name for herself working as a model in her twenties.

The model and the pop singer then saw each other romantically 'on and off for a year and a half'.During the early 1990s she had a solo music career, performing mononymously as Melissa, and had top 20 hits on the ARIA Singles Chart with "Read My Lips" (No. On 4 December 2005, she issued her second solo album, Lost & Found, which provide a single, her cover version of "The Glamorous Life", which appeared in the top 40.In August 2011 she issued a compilation album, The Hits and More.Simon went on to marry actress Rebecca Rigg in 1998 and achieve breakout international success in US TV series The Guardian and The Mentalist.Melissa recently revealed she suffered from crippling depression, which she blames on her strict upbringing and quick rise and fall to fame during the 1990s.'I had a very strict father and I just wasn’t allowed to do anything,' Melissa told The Daily Telegraph.

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’”When asked if she ever regretted signing up to the show, Melissa said, “For a split second, yeah. I 100 per cent worried [it would damage my career] but being in this industry these are the challenges you take on.