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What many people don’t know is, all that time, Mia was also focused on humanitarian issues, and in October, 2008, she published her first book, , a collection of “visually stunning” narratives told through journals, stories and images, by refugees and displaced people from around the world. The normally press-shy actress talked to After and opened up about working on is over, can you tell us what your overall experience was like?

AE: How was it to work with so many women and so few men? I always felt like a group dynamics [can get] nasty. But now, I can only say it was a really wonderful experience – on the social side of it and the creative freedom that we had. Women talk more about how they’re feeling, what they’d like from each other, and what they don’t like. And we had all had our own experiences in the gay community, with women, whatever. AE: So, being cut off from Hollywood fostered a little esprit de corp? Many of his fans were surprised to heard that Leisha is a lesbian.But her fans still love her from her music side and also her dazzling acting.She played the role of Alice Pieszecki in the series “The L World”.Leisha Hailey reported having been living with her partner, Camila Grey since 2011.

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Before dating with Camila Gray, Hailey ever had a long relationship with Nina Garduno since 2004-2010.