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When I first knew him, you could go into his room and find the floor covered with books."He thought if he could just get enough success, it would make his pain go away.But it didn't, because the pain was too deep."Bruckheimer has rarely spoken so openly about his old friend, partly because he has been loth to add to the media frenzy that followed Simpson's death.And one of his most important weapons was his impressive - by Hollywood standards - command of English.

He wanted to be Jack Nicholson, or maybe Warren Beatty."Like Bruckheimer, Simpson taught himself to be a producer.

In Hollywood, the studio moguls call Jerry Bruckheimer "the golden gut" - an affectionate term for his unrivalled ability to spot potential blockbusters.

As one of the most successful producers in film history, he has made billions developing promising ideas – or "high concepts", as they are known in the trade – into such fully fledged mega-hits as Flashdance, Top Gun, Black Hawk Down and Pirates of the Caribbean.

A workaholic, he is in the middle of a 16-hour day when I catch up with him at a studio facility in Soho, where he is keeping a close eye on the final editing of his new epic, King Arthur.

It began as one of those "high concepts" that makes moguls salivate when Bruckheimer delivers his pitch."With Black Hawk Down, it was a struggle to sell the idea to the studios. In our version, Rome has fallen and Arthur is fighting to save what's left of the Empire in Britain.

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