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The first part of the film is heavy on introducing Wilson and showing what a flawed character he is, thereby providing the dramatic heft as he finds redemption in his quest to help the people of Afghanistan, but it’s also the funnier part of the flick, thanks to Hanks’ delivery of the one-liners that establish Wilson’s personality.Once he heads off to see the country first-hand, however, the tide turns such that the majority of the laughs come not from Hanks but from Hoffman, and he’s so good that you become distracted whenever he’s not in a scene, wondering, “When’s he coming back?Thus began a series of behind-the-scenes events which would eventually find Wilson’s name mentioned in certain political circles as one of those directly responsible for the fall of the Soviet empire, which ain’t bad for a guy who spent the majority of his political career with a drink in his hand, and the whole sordid tale was laid out in George Crile’s 2003 book, “Charlie Wilson’s War: The Extraordinary Story of How the Wildest Man in Congress and a Rogue CIA Agent Changed the History of Our Times.” Given such a wordy title, it’s no wonder that, when the book’s film rights were optioned, the task of writing the screenplay fell into the hands of Aaron Sorkin, late of “The West Wing.” It’s also decidedly appropriate that Mike Nichols should have been handed the directorial reigns, given his experience with both the political (“Primary Colors”) and the bureaucratic (“Catch-22”).Unfortunately, “Charlie Wilson’s War” is still the kind of film that requires a studio to approve overtime for their marketing department.” Charlie Wilson’s War” is an interesting, intellectual, and amusing look at a surprising historical footnote, and it’d be a crime if it didn’t earn Hoffman a Best Supporting Actor nod, but if you aren’t a political junkie, expect to stifle quite a few yawns before the closing credits roll.

No, the folks over at Universal probably spent the majority of their man hours figuring out how to design the posters and edit the trailers in such a way to avoid revealing just how much political and war-related chatter the film contains. “Charlie Wilson’s War” isn’t funny in a gut-busting kind of way, but Sorkin’s script is full of so many clever one-liners that, for all its political content, it’s still hard to refer to it as anything other than a comedy; that’s mostly thanks to Hoffman, whose role as mustachioed CIA agent Gust Avrakotos provides him with an unending series of great moments.

A few months after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, she smuggled herself into that mountainous land to film the atrocities that the Russian forces were inflicting as they strafed villages from helicopter gunships.

Mrs Herring nearly became a casualty of those same tactics, surviving a helicopter attack by Soviet forces on their mujahideen foes while she was filming the battle with her combat photographer son, Robin King, and Charles Fawcett, an adventurer and movie-maker.

Apart from her singing and performing, she has been a family woman, wife and mother raising 3 beautiful children.

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”) dedicated to the congressman’s time in office, but if you’ve already watched the movie, what more could you possible learn?

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