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"You could do a similar cut with a knife blade being slashed across the face," says Pruitt."Fortunately, the wound occurred along 'relaxed skin tension lines.' Those tend to heal with less conspicuous scars.Despite a stretcher being ready, Jessica was carried off by her partner, Bryce.They were both taken to the hospital but turned out to be just fine.

But that's when, in mid-spin, Davison's skate hit Dube's face.Something was missing, mistakes were made, leading up to another accident, at a gala in 2009.Jessica and Bryce attempted a throw triple twist, when Jessica's elbow hit Bryce in the eye and he was left unable to catch her, causing Jessica's head to collide hard with the ice.Sadly, the Olympics didn’t turn out the way they wanted.After a fall and a few minor mistakes in their short program, they ended up in 6th place, and didn’t manage to climb up with their long program, which included another two falls.

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Over the years, Jessica has become bilingual and Bryce has learnt enough French to get by, though they have their own system to communicating.

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  1. There was only one thing that seemed a little odd to Jane: his syntax occasionally seemed a little unnatural for a native English-speaker, and when they spoke on the phone, something about his voice didn’t seem to match his pictures.