White girls phone chat free trail

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White girls phone chat free trail

Arriving at Sallys Deb was pleased to see her sexy best friend dressed as a school girl.

gosh Sally gasped as PC Deb walked into her front room. you dont look half bad yourself was Debs cute answer.

On the drive down both girls sat in the rear of the car, it wasnt long before Deb felt Sallys fingers sliding up her thigh.

Spreading her legs slightly Deb allowed Sally to stroke the lacy covering of her hot wet pussy, all while Sallys unaware husband drove both girls to meet the rest of their friends.

Debs king dong and other various house hold objects had been used far to much to ease the passion within the hot pussy she so loved.

Grabbing a girl each Deb found herself in Tyces strong arms with Sally firmly wrapped in Stus arms.Deb replied yours sounds sexy; I will probably wear my kinky Police woman outfit Sounds hot, are you coming over for a drink before we go out? Yes sweet heart Ill be at yours for seven oclock was Debs swift answer.Hanging up the phone Deb began her preparation for what she hoped would be a fun flirty night. If you're using a VPN or web proxy, try disabling it so that your IP address is not blocked.Deb had decided that due to the lack of fun recently she would join her friends on a night out clubbing, having spoken to a couple of the girls it was decided to make the evening fancy dress.

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Finishing the shower and getting dressed, Deb slowly pulled on the stockings, Suspenders, lace knickers and bra.