White girl asian guy dating sites

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White girl asian guy dating sites

Small penis, good at math, poor lover in bed/asexual, below average physique, non-masculine..of us know the stereotypes of Asian men.

I spent three amazing years as an exchange student in Asia when I was in college and over 5 years running a business(in the U.

I have no feelings whatsoever seeing Asian (or insert any race) women dating (insert a race) guys. The right question is: why should you care about someone else's relationships if the two involved are perfectly happy with each other?

There have been a few answers already talking about "preserving culture" and such; which I cannot disagree more.

S) where I recruited and trained over 70 Asian sales reps courtesy of some connections I made while in Asia.

Most of them were men and due to the nature of my business, the topic of dating and women was brought up often.

There is no politically correct pandering in this post.Conversely, Western cultures are individualistic- personality and uniqueness are highly encouraged.Travel to Asia and apart from a few areas that cater to expatriates, you will not find White American men overwhelmingly working in one niche(with the exception to “Internet Marketing Lifestyle Entrepreneurs”) or living in one area. The dominant culture in the United States is the White culture.I love my lady, I care about her well-being, I take care of her the best way I can and I support her whenever she needs it. And if you are bitter about it, examine your own attitude. Go out, meet people (and ignore their skin color while doing it).

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If you came to this country as an immigrant/FOB, this especially applies to you.