Which real world cast members are dating etiquette rules on dating

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Which real world cast members are dating

"Because she's so beautiful, you can never imagine that right off. The naive/sheltered/innocent archetype is always a great reality TV character.However, SC Cameran keeping it real on the reg is so awesome. Real World: Before RW, 19-year-old Cameran was working at the Mellow Mushroom pizzeria in Anderson, SC. Real World: Cameran hooked up with roommate Brad Fiorenza in a hot tub in Greece. : Southern Charm: Cameran has not hooked up with or dated anyone in the SC cast, and does not plan on hooking up with or dating anyone in the SC cast.Southern Charm: She has her real estate license and is trying to break into the "sell big old houses" biz. WINNER: It's cool that SC Cameran keeps it platonic with the cast, but hot tub hookups make for excellent TV. Real World: Another excerpt from her bio: "Cameran's also not afraid to admit that her on-and-off boyfriend of one year is merely a 'trophy' to her."Southern Charm: Regarding Charleston men, SC Cameran says,"Maybe breathing in this thick Charleston air is not good.It somehow stunts their emotional growth." She calls this stunted emotional growth “PPS: Peter Pan Syndrome.”WINNER: Close call, but I'm giving this one to RW Cameran.Charley went on maternity leave for a year but returned to our screens as Debbie in January.2.Alfie Browne-Sykes and Amanda Clapham (Jason Roscoe and Holly Cunningham, storyliners later decided to throw a spanner in the works by having Holly fall for Jason's on-screen twin brother Robbie.

Jeff and Zoe rarely share scenes together in the Dales, but they do occasionally team up to work on their lines at home. Chris Milligan and Jenna Rosenow (Kyle Canning and Amber Turner, , Chris was given even more reason to look forward to coming to work when he fell for his new co-star Jenna in late 2012.With actors working in close proximity, sparks can fly and supercouples can form that even the scriptwriters would never have dreamed of. in 2006 and became an item a couple of years later.They welcomed their first child Buster in 2010, but shocked fans by announcing that they were splitting in summer 2013.Away from the camera, though, Anna and Nick certainly make for one of the most gorgeous soap couples around at the moment.Nick finished filming at a while ago now, but his romance with Anna is still going strong.

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