What does dating mean to a guy

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What does dating mean to a guy

Not all guys are great at telling girls how they feel, but any guy’s emotions can be measured by their actions.

If you still don’t know what he meant, then look beyond your conversation.

But, if you’re lucky, then you’re in a relationship that makes you turn around mid-run and walk back to give it a real shot.

If he is a little jealous, but not overly possessive, then he’s fallen hard for you and wants to pee on your leg to make sure everyone knows you’re his.

If you are not excited to hear his voice or read his next text, then you need to do some soul searching and perhaps be ready to move on.

Holding out hope for a relationship evolving into something more only works for a short period of time and won’t last.

If he only calls you when he’s drunk, it’s for a reason.

The exception to this rule is drunk texts that say something like “I miss you, I love you.” Those are more serious and things that he first lets slip when his filter is down.6.

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A one-sided relationship is not something that will work out in the long run, but long-time friends have a way of dying within minutes of each other at the age of ninety-five after 70 years of marriage.7.

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