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Geoffrey’s account also tells of the prophecy of Myrddin (or Merlin) of a long fight between a red dragon and a white dragon, symbolising the historical struggle between the Welsh and the English.

The red dragon was also said to have been used as the British standard at the Battle of Crecy in 1346 in France, when the brave Welsh archers, dressed in their beloved green and white, played such a crucial role in defeating the French.

There are also some fabulous seafood restaurants nearby which serve crab, lobster, mussels and scallops fresh out of the sea.

Llyswen’s 17th century hotel Llandgoed Hall is very popular for a romantic champagne break away.

For centuries Wales has been represented by a green and white flag with a red dragon in the middle, but what do we actually know about the flag and just why did the Welsh choose to have it symbolise Wales?

The red dragon itself has been associated with Wales for centuries, and the flag is claimed to be the oldest national flag in the world that is still in use.

It’s an exciting opportunity to do something that gels you and your partner together, a bonding experience while you jump hand in hand into the sea.

Afterwards you can cosy up by a log fire with a well earned glass of wine before relaxing in a luxury eco-lodge.

If you want to get on the good side of a Welsh man learn a little about Wales, the language, cultures and of course the rugby. They don’t back their emotions It not hard to fathom what a Welsh guy is thinking as they’re famous for showing emotions.

Why a dragon is on the flag is a story of intrigue, history and myth.

One legend recalls Romano-British soldiers carrying the red dragon (Draco) to Rome on their banners in the fourth-century, but it could be even older than that.

They do banter very well As well as the joy of hearing the accent, talking to a Welsh guy is usually immensely enjoyable because the Welsh love a good banter session or humorous rant.

The slang lends itself to lots of playfulness, so if you want to date a Welsh guy, you’d better get used to the local terminology. They’re not afraid to overstep the mark If you’re looking to land a Welsh fella, whether you’ve already met someone through friends or you’re still looking on dating sites, you’d better be able to hold your own.

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The oldest recorded use of the dragon is from the Historia Brittonum, written by the historian Nennius around 820 AD.

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