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If you don't re-create the displays, they will still have their items, and they will still be displayed, HOWEVER If you open the container, the items inside will not re-display themselves.

My recommendations are as follows...-------------------------------- Small Guns - Small weapons like 10mm, deliverer, .44 pistol, alien blaster, plasma pistol, gamma gun, and pipe revolver- Medium Guns - combat rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, and large pistols like Laser and Institute pistols- Large Gun - Assault Rifle, Syringer, Laser Musket, Cryolator, Gauss rifle, and Railway Rifle- Launchers Rack - Fat Man and Missile Launcher- Grenades and Mines go on the Throwables rack.- Small/1H Melee rack - Small knives, batons, Ripper, pipes, and wrenches- Large/2H Melee rack - Swords, bats, sledges, axes- Melee Unarmed Rack - Power Fist, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Boxing glove, and Knuckles- Heavy Guns Crates - Flamer, Broadsider, Junk Jet, Minigun, and Gatling laser- Or you could do whatever you want -------------------------------- Small - Bobbleheads, robot models, knick knacks like pocket watches, lockets, toy blocks, baseballs, collector cards, etc- Medium - Normal sized model vehicles and creatures, toys, etc.- Large - Electronics like bioscanner, Magnet, circuit board, typwriter, sports equiopment, etc- Xtra Large - Large model boats and train, Jangles the Moon Monkey, Deathclaw hand, Giddyup Buttercup, Gilded Grasshopper, etc-------------------------------- Adds unique models to the wasteland of every creature, many characters and armor types, Power armors, vehicles, robots, and props- Added to rare and unique leveled item lists, as well as the lunchbox rare item list, so you'll have to find and collect them across the watseland!!

Again, not all items can be added everywhere, but if you can fit it, you can display it.- NOT JUST WEAPONS ANYMORE!!!

EVERYTHING will be able to be displayed- General display shelves to place just about anything and everything- food and provisions shelves for stores and for home- different materials/colors for each rack- keychain and holotag holder (JCamp21's idea for the holo tags) - much much more!!

I know you will anyway)0.2.5- Adds scripts to add menu, no longer needs SK, SKE, or OCD compatibility patches- Fixed collision for all edited items- fixed snap points and added more- fixed bobbleheads not being able to go onto other display mods, like DDProductions bobblehead stands0.2.4.3- Makes Displays snapable (Display Cases, Mannequins, Drink Crates)- fixes keyword issues0.2.4.2 - Added female mannequins- added classic nuka cola bottle mod compatibility- Fixed missing textures- fixed missing keywords for some items- fixed refrigerator mesh- fixed bloatfly model freeze and CTD- added Liberty Prime model- Added Vim to drinks list0.2.4.1- fixes small FOMOD mistake in conditional installer- Adds Skibadaa's Weapon Pack compatibility patch- Adds Vault Girl bobblehead compatibility patch- Adds Bobble Girl compatibility patch0.2.4- Changes mesh files and design from last version- add A LOT more stuff- Adds Cryo Case- Adds Display Cases- Adds Eat-O-tronic- Add Port-A-Diner- Adds Fridges- Adds Drink Crates- Fixes many bad edits ...

my bad :(- Adds new collectible items like models and keys0.2.3- Adds Armor mannequins (functional, but require use of the console and a bat file "open.txt" more work will be done to finish these.- Adds shelves- Adds Pool table- Adds Functional Bars and Drink stands- Adds more clutter and toys to be able to be displayed- Adds settlement keyword requirement- moves crafting category to "Decorations Interactive"- Changes the ESP file names 0.2.2- fixed Molotov cocktails and some grenades that were missing(I don't recommend putting the molotovs on the throwables rack right now though, because they don't sit well.

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