Video chat bot

Posted by / 06-Dec-2020 19:58

Video chat bot

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I are becoming a big part of the way we communicate and get information, but all of them lack the same basic thing, lack of good UI to get complex messages across.dynamic video has been used by idomoo to explain bill’s, pension plans and all sort of complex information to clients, because video, using audio, text and images is a far better way to make complex information nice and very easy to understand.

This will help us stay organized later when importing and matching our video clips in Chatfuel.

Lastly, I’ll write down every possible estimate outcome.

Ultimately, the goal of this step is to ensure your script is compatible with the user flow in Chatfuel.

So far, we’ve saved users’ answers to the qualifying questions.But what about conversational interfaces, like chatbots or voice assistants? Botsociety takes care of the appereance, the platform limitations, the preview, the export and the user testing.How do you design an interface where people may say anything at anytime? Simply enter the messages you want your chatbot or voice assistant to say. Start designing the next generation of human computer interactions today.At this point, let’s translate our basic flowchart into a full-fledged script for the narrator.Remember to include a clear call-to-action at the end of each video clip.

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For context, the chatbot I’m building here is for a home cleaning service in Australia.