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I need someone to tell me why I was charged all these fees?

I would like them removed from my bill as quickly as possible.

They arrived on the 24th May 2018 and I received fake North Face jacket and 2 pairs of fake Salomon Trainers.

MAS*TREECHAN TRADE took more money from my account than invoiced. This credit card vendor is acting as part of a scam for goods not supplied or goods of a lesser value being supplied.

Their website has been taken down several times for some type of legal action. So much for free trial of Nutralu Garcinia was charged aud 1.54, in March, April & May was not given opportunity to cease any further deliveries and no invoice or return details included.

Then they give you the run around like my friend IM sorry what can I do for you and to send them a pic of the wrong item you go to send the pic of the email provided it comes back saying no such email...thats how they get you..

They tell you that you can return but can't plus they charge your credit card immediately way before you get anything..

The payment was taken from my visa account on March 23, 2018. The email confirmation from Rocknice included an address to respond to Rocknice.

The address failed as well as any attempt to reply to the confirmation email.

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I ordered "Tiffany & Co" jewelry from an "Online Tiffany & Co" outlet.

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