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Vba code to stop screen updating

This could be deleting rows in a range (table) or other operations.

You CAN loop through a range and remove or insert e.g.

rows, but it is tricky, because your range suddenly changes, and if for instance you remove the row you are in, you will suddenly be in the row that was the row below just a moment ago! The first example shows how to remove every second row, and the next how to delete rows going from the last row upwards, if the row above has identical/duplicate values in selected columns.

Optimize the way of reading values from and writing values to the worksheet. However, how much can you speed up your code with these best practices?

Turn off the screen updating while the code is running 2.

Set Excel’s calculation mode to manual while the code is running 3.

'This procedure removes every second row 'in a table and shift the rows up.

First the 'table is copied to an array, and next every 'second item is writte to a new array.

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If for instance a production unit is stopped, the same analysis will be there for days, and that is not clever, if you want to find standard deviation and stuff like that.

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