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It's more reliable than the internal drive, but it too sometimes doesn't appear in the Finder at startup.Then again, I don't know if that drive is having issues of its own, or if the internal drive is wreaking havoc on the SCSI bus. I'm a single 47 yr old woman that is affectionate, kind, loving and romantic as heck. Mac (2)Accessories (40)Airport (10)Aperture (3)Apple II (20)Apple III (2)Apple Stores (9)Apple TV (8)Apple Care (1)Collection (4)Disassemblies (41)Displays (6)Dissassemblies (11)Emulators (3)Games (5)Hackintosh (4)Hard Drives (8)i Book (5)i Dev (2)i Life (2)i Mac (5)i OS (4)i Pad (11)i Phone (16)i Photo (9)i Pod (39)Keyboards (9)Mac Mini (1)Mac OS (8)Mac Pro (10)Mac SE (3)Mac Book Air (1)Mac Books (6)Macintosh 128K (1)Macintosh 512K (4)Macintosh Classic (2)Macintosh Color Classic (5)Macintosh LC 520 (1)Macintosh LCIII (3)Macintosh Performa 575 (3)Macintosh Plus (4)Macintosh Portable (3)Macintosh SE (11)Macintosh TV (4)Mice (11)Mighty Mouse (4)Misc (1)Mobile Me (1)Music (3)Networking (2)Newton (6)Optics (10)OS 9 (1)OS X (24)Peripherals (48)Posters (9)Power Book (6)Power Mac (9)Print Services (8)Printed Material (6)Printers (9)Projects (7)Quick Take (9)Recap (2)Remotes (4)Restoration (30)Retr0brite (17)Software (48)Store Demo (3)Think Different (3)Unboxing (76)Upgrades (23)Vintage (87)The hard drive in my Mac SE is on the way out.

Now, they're regularly posted for anything between and ; sometimes higher.

I figured I'd get through the holidays first, and then pick one up.

Well, it's already February, so I figured I'd get one now since the drive is really starting to act up. Why did it take so long for someone to figure out how to go from SCSI to an SD card? There's power management stuff on the right, a single chip in the middle that does the talking, and an SD card interface on the left.

It's been like that for about 2-3 months now, and it seems to be getting worse.

It's only a matter of time before the drive completely dies.

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