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Validating numeric input

However, the test will be performed in server code.You can control how validation errors are displayed by defining CSS classes that have the following reserved names: .If a form is long or complex, reporting errors only after the page is submitted can be inconvenient to the user.You can add support to perform validation in client script.The CSS rules that end in to both have the same fixed size.

This How To shows how you can use regular expressions within ASP. Regular expressions are a good way to validate text fields such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and other user information.

Even if users correctly enter an integer, for example, you might need to make sure that the value falls within a certain range.

Note Important Validating user input is also important for security.

When you restrict the values that users can enter in forms, you reduce the chance that someone can enter a value that can compromise the security of your site.

To see how validation works, run this page and deliberately make mistakes.

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Performing validation in server code is a security measure, in case users bypass client-based validation.

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