Validating forms in dreamweaver 8

Posted by / 28-Aug-2020 21:01

Validating forms in dreamweaver 8

For example, if your form contains a text field named In cases where a web application expects a precise parameter value (for example, when it performs an action based on one of several options), use a radio button, check box, or list/menu form object to control the values the user can submit.

Validation Toolkit makes form data validation easy in Dreamweaver.

The following example depicts a pop‑up menu form offering three choices: Each menu choice corresponds to a hard-coded value that is submitted as a form parameter to the server.

The List Values dialog box in the following example matches each list item to a value (Add, Update, or Delete): URL parameters let you pass user-supplied information from the browser to the server.

If your form is even a simple contact form, it will only be a matter of time before you begin to get spam submissions for Viagra, Cialis, or whatever else is the current trend in pharmaceutical spam.

Form validation requires the user input to match a specified criteria before the form can be submitted.

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