Validating datagrid values

Posted by / 12-Nov-2020 05:43

Validating datagrid values

There are two types of input validation available for the Windows Forms Data Grid control.

For more information about handling events, see NIB: Consuming Events.the nice thing with this is - that you never get a bindingexception because of casting a type.and what you have to do now is to implement IData Error Info where you check your string property.What I am wanting to do is be able to either: a) Handle this exception and show a warning to the user in my UI b) Have some custom validation method which can set a flag in my code that I can use to handle the error at some point I don't mind which solution I go with, I just don't want the user to not notice the error. Thanks, just given that a try and while the event does get called when I modify my data of the correct type, it does not get called if the datatype the user inputs is wrong. first create behaviors for your input controls where you can make sure that the values ALWAYS convertible to your underlying type.The same as before happens, the box is highlighted red and the format exception is handled by wpf, but the event isn't called. another solution would be thats your viewmodel where you bind to just have properties of type string.

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I have a Data Table which I bind to a Data Grid in WPF.