Usr ports updating permission denied

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Usr ports updating permission denied

Apple's OS X operating system for Mac computers is based on Unix.

Once of the benefits of a Unix-based system is the ability to modify files and run commands from a terminal -- not dissimilar from Linux terminals and commands.

[/usr/share/doc/vmware-tools] The path “/usr/share/doc/vmware-tools” does not exist currently.

Run your command again, but with "sudo" preceding the command.

If you still get a "Permission Denied" error, or are unable to use "sudo," you may not have permission to do so labeled on your OS X account.

The terminal window can be overwhelming the first couple times you use it -- Unix commands are not always what you would expect, and different from commands you may be familiar with if you ever used Window's command line prompt.

I downloaded the file, but get a permission denied error when I try to copy it to the directory specified.

In which directory do you want to install the binary files?

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You can try to force a command that requires administrator permission using "sudo," though this shouldn't be your first step, nor will it work if your account has been restricted.