Updating strings into access database

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Updating strings into access database

If not using a migrated service, you can read connection strings and app settings from the Configure tab of the Mobile Services section of the Azure classic portal. NET project for your application and publish it to your new site.Using a copy of your client application updated with the new URL, validate that everything works as expected.They provide a more comprehensive yet easy-to-follow introduction to the Entity Framework than anything available on the Internet.Another book, Programming Entity Framework by Julie Lerman, is larger and more comprehensive but it is older and many of the techniques it covers are no longer the recommended way to use the Entity Framework.Mobile Apps provides a new Mobile App Server SDK which provides much of the same functionality as the Mobile Services runtime.First, you should remove all references to the Mobile Services packages. At this point you will have a project that no longer references Mobile Services SDKs. For this upgrade, most developers will want to download and install the package, as this will pull in the entire required set.I’ve categorised them into 5 broad categories, each with an underlying problem and solution as follows: THE PROBLEM: Native Java Script is compiled into machine code by most scripting engines offering incredible performance boost, however interaction with host (browser) objects outside the javascript native environment raises unpredictability and considerable performance lag, particularly when dealing with screen-rendered DOM objects or objects which cause Disk I/O (such as Web SQL).THE SOLUTION: You can’t really get away from them, but keep your interaction with host objects to an absolute minimum.

You can put this application on the same App Service plan to avoid incurring additional financial cost. NET backend application from Azure Mobile Services to a new App Service Mobile Apps.When a mobile backend is upgraded to Azure App Service, it has access to all App Service features and are billed according to App Service pricing, not Mobile Services pricing.You will likely want to use the same database and Notification Hub as you did in Mobile Services.You can copy these values by opening Azure portal and navigating to the original application, then click Settings .

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My thanks go out to Marco of uk for reminding me of the importance of optimizing Java Script, and for teaching me some of the techniques below.

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