Updating spamassassin rules dating namibia windhoek

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Updating spamassassin rules

Update archives are verified using SHA1 hashes and GPG signatures, by default.

You must still use the --gpgkey or --gpgkeyfile options above to get sa- update to trust imported keys. KEY Note: use of this option automatically enables GPG verification. BY file will be cached for up to 7 days after each time it is downloaded.By default, it will only access "updates.spamassassin.org", but more channels can be specified via this option.If there are multiple additional channels, use the option multiple times, once per channel.Instead, "sa-update" is typically used in something like the following manner: sa-update && /etc/init.d/spamassassin reload This works because "sa-update" only returns an exit status of 0 if it has successfully downloaded and installed an updated ruleset.--channel sa-update can update multiple channels at the same time.

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v1.2 has been tested, although later versions ought to work as well.

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