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The presenters will provide open source code that will allow users and fellow researchers to replicate the use of these techniques.We will conclude with a focus on how to tie this approach to active defense measures and existing infrastructure.

Example of vulnerable applications will be analyzed in a live demonstration.An interactive session (SSH, RDP, et cetera) on the vulnerable system, or port-forwarding to allow direct connectivity to internal services from the attacker's system becomes necessary.If the organization responsible for the server has done everything else correctly (including blocking tunneling via ICMP/DNS), then there may be no additional network-level connectivity possible in either direction between the attacker and the web application server.We went ahead and turned OSXCollector toolkit into AMIRA: Automated Malware Incident Response and Analysis service.AMIRA turns the forensic information gathered by OSXCollector into actionable response plan, suggesting the infection source as well as suspicious files and domains requiring a closer look.

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Rethinking the cyber security problem as a data-centric problem led Accenture Labs Cyber Security team to use best of breed open source big-data tools and emerging technologies to accelerate detection, response, and hunting.