Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016 veggie dating

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Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016

So, science has to come up with a better encryption mechanism that goes beyond a very complicated math problem (like our current algorithms), and quantum mechanics seems to have the answer. One of them is a regular data channel (like a regular internet connection between two computers), while the other channel is a direct optic fiber connection between the sender and the receiver of the message—essentially, a cable that is able to transmit quantum particles from one computer to another.

The QKD mechanism continuously generates new keys (in intervals of less than a minute) to encode the message, and data is sent using such keys through the regular communication channel.

Nevertheless, I realized, my information is not as “valuable” or, better said, as sensitive as the information that banks, hospitals, and governments manage every day.

Some information just needs to remain inaccessible to hackers, like the transaction history of bank accounts, the medical records of all patients, or the vote count of an election.

) Scientists, financial institutions, medical facilities, and other organizations that require highly-secure channels can use this property of quantum mechanical particles to prevent their messages from being intercepted by a potential hacker.by Felipe Flores Secure communications and data encryption have been very important topics in the popular eye for the past few years, especially after Edward Snowden made public that the NSA attempts to intervene most communications.I, for instance, never thought my information would be that vulnerable and accessible to potential hackers, sponsored by a government or not.Whenever you observe a particle, the superposition collapses and the object ‘decides’ to be in only one state; the observer is not interfering with the particle’s superposition, but the act of measuring itself is.To make it more clear, let’s pretend a coin is a quantum-mechanical object, even though superposition only works at the quantum scale—the scale of electrons or photons.

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In the process of learning how to use physics to crack codes, we have also learned how to use them in favor of cryptography, the science of hiding messages and protecting information from third parties.

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