Updating php in plesk

Posted by / 08-Feb-2020 23:56

You may receive a warning about certain memory thresholds being exceded, especially if your DV has hit memory limits in the recent past.

This may indicate something that requires additional investigation, but may also reflect recent memory issues rather than current ones.

Keeping Plesk up-to-date is a vital way to take advantage of the console's latest features and avoid any potential security pitfalls that can arise when running outdated software.

Check your CMS version before updating Plesk PHP to 7.1!In order to upgrade PHP 5 to the necessary version (other than shipped with Parallels Plesk), please perform the following steps: After follow steps when I open a PHP info it shows me specified module could not be found.If anybody know solution Kindly help me is highly priority.Maybe you have a PHP 5.2 application running on your server and you need to start working on another application based on a new framework such as Symfony2 or Lithium?Perhaps you have a client with a legacy site that runs PHP 5.2, or maybe you simply want to test some of the new functionality?

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I am very thankful if any one help me to solve this ASAP.