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Updating nero

They add references in the Registry for modules which they use, and these references fail to be removed, leaving Windows unable to find the files apparently needed for CD devices at the next boot.

There is a simple Registry patch to correct this (download it here).

Data files are written on a CD by fitting the data into the recording blocks originally intended to be used for audio recording.

The resulting ‘track’ then has to be organized to be seen by the computer as files in a File System.

The UDF file system was often used in earlier versions of Windows through third party packages such as Direct CD.

Reading such disks needs special software in earlier versions of Windows, and may not be possible with all CD drives, even when that software is present.

Therefore, such a CD is described as behaving as a “giant floppy” (or very slow, small hard disk).

When UDF is implemented, files can be dragged and dropped to and from the CD in Windows Explorer, just as to and from a hard disk; or, to give another example, the CD can be selected as the drive to use in a “Save As” dialog in a program.

At present, Windows XP SP1 will read such disks directly in a CD writer that has the necessary firmware, or in most drives using the reader program Easy Write Reader obtainable from com.It may be that the “hotfix” from Microsoft’s Windows Update for Application compatibility (Update for CD Burners, referred to in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 320174), will help with such a problem — but it also has been known to introduce it, in which case the update should be un-installed.This happens quite often if one of the third-party packages has been uninstalled.While there is a variant of the UDF method that can be used to write to CD-R media, it is rarely used.Windows XP’s inbuilt CD-burning software allows you to select files and apparently write them to the disk immediately, by dragging and dropping them to the CD drive’s icon, or by right-clicking them, taking Send To, and selecting CD Drive x: as the destination.

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