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Updating image u boot 2016 08 svn587 for imap d

millions, access to an interactive service having large numbers; e.g., thousands, of applications which include pre-created, interactive text/graphic sessions; and more particularly, to a method for presenting applications, the method featuring step for generating a screen display at respective user reception systems, the screen display including a plurality of partitions for concurrently presenting at least a user-requested application and a group of command functions for managing the display, the group of command functions including a subgroup of functions for randomly selecting applications for display with a variety of different procedures, the method also including steps for opening and closing windows on the display for presenting data relating to the displayed applications, and further partitions for concurrently displaying, for example, an additional application which may include advertising. Prior Art Interactive computer networks are not new.

Field of Use This invention relates generally to a method for presenting applications in a distributed processing, interactive computer network intended to provide very large numbers of simultaneous users; e.g.

Also in preferred form, the method features steps for opening windows over the currently displayed application to present further information concerning the application or facilitate the undertaking of interactive operation with respect to the application.

As will be appreciated, this again reduces need for user reliance on memory, as it enables the providing of a reference that keeps the user oriented in progressing through a service session.

The above and further objects, features and advantages of the invention will become clear from the following more detailed description when read with reference to the accompanying drawings in which: FIG.

1 is a block diagram of the interactive computer network in which the application-presentation method of the present invention may be employed; FIG.

Also in preferred form, the method features steps for presenting a subgroup of commands at the command bar for enabling the user to randomly navigate to other available applications.

A method for presenting applications in an interactive service featuring steps for generating screen displays of the service applications at the reception systems of the respective users. Host size and complexity, however, are liabilities for interactive networks recently introduced to offer large numbers of the public access to transactional services such as home shopping, banking, and investment maintenance, as well as informational services concerning entertainment, business and personal matters.

Steps are provided for generating the application displays as screens having a plurality of partitions, the partitions being constructed from reusable elements. As can be appreciated, commercial interactive networks will have to provide attractive services at low cost and with minimal response times in order to be successful.

Accordingly, interacting with such services can be more work than play, tending, at best to blunt enthusiasm, or at worst discourage it.

Still further, the over reliance on user memory tends not only to color the experience as laborious, but also to both slowdown presentation as users attempt to fully understand the matter on the first pass, or require the user review the material in several passes so that a clear impression can be taken, both of which drive up the service usage costs rendering the service commercially unattractive.

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Still further, the method includes steps for providing additional partitions for concurrently displaying other applications, which may include advertising. However, providing clarity of presentation and ease of use along with comprehensive services and economy of expression, a combination essential to success, is difficult.