Updating id3 tags

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Updating id3 tags

Every download of a watermarked track contains a unique log ID.The log ID is simply a number - it contains no personally identifying information.You will also need Flash installed and have Javascript enabled to be able to preview and download tracks.For most people Flash will already be installed and Javascript enabled by default.

If this happens you will have to download the affected track again.There may still be some incompatibilities with older audio files when using Mixed In Key or Platinum Notes.Files downloaded from prior to mid-March 2010 should, where ever possible, be downloaded again to ensure maximum compatibility with Mixed In Key and Platinum Notes.Some releases on use watermarking technology to embed a log ID into the audio data of tracks that you download.The log ID is transparently interspersed into the high quality audio portion of mp3 files and has no audible influence on the sound quality of the files.

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In the meantime, system performance can be improved to some extent by switching to a non-column view in Windows Explorer such as an Icon view or Tiles view.

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