Updating firmware on linksys router wrt310n

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Updating firmware on linksys router wrt310n

I think you should include not going into bridge mode and just using the 2nd router as a switch.you don't use the WAN side at all that's all it is.

There's no real advantage here EXCEPT if for some reason you have two internet connections, want them on the same LAN and you can set different gateways...

An exception to this will be Big Pond cable customers with an SBG900 modem which is also a wireless router.

Again, thanks for all you efforts with these tutorial posts. yup will amend as suggested, alas for some reason i cant change it as the edit function has gone by by , anyone know how to get edit back ?

To eliminate the second router we need to bypass its Wan section and essentially turn the device into a network switch with a wireless access point Note for this tutorial modem/router will be called – primary router wireless router will be called secondary router Cables used should standard network patch cables cat 5e 0r cat 6, new routers and modems can detect the type of cable and correct as needed.

CAT 5 cables can only be used for 10/100 ethernet connections.

Connect to the web UI of the secondary router (see your secondary routers user manual for details of how to access).

I really beats me as to why your aura is so low (you been upsetting people? i really want to edit the bridge mode one too but the same thing has occouredi think its like i get a bit pissded on a friday night , and should be let near a comp lol , but i dont do it for the aura , most of the time it helps me put my somewhat soggy brain on paper so i dont forget lolone day i will too remember cable modems dont have nat or dhcp servers lol yes you are correct they are functions of a router BUT 99% of adsl modems available today are both modems and routers , in fact it is dam hard to find a modem these days that does not have a router as wellso its safe to say that the tutorial reflects the standard of almost every modem available on the market todayinfact try and find a current adsl modem that does not have a router built in apart from that totally poc d link dsl 200 usb garbage , not many the DM111P can run in pppoe mode with a dhcp server , or it can run in bridge mode not sure on this one , as i think its default is like a half bridge the d link dsl 200 is a usb one modem thoughusually a modem only device will require that you run software on your computer to achieve a connection This is an Australian site so I'm assuming you mean in Australia...because that's not the case in many other countries.....

In many other countries you are given a stand alone modem..you buy a router which works for cable or DSL.

You must add static routes to your gateway for the Vo IP server or protocols and DNS, so the ATA is not trying to use your disconnected WAN port.

Even better would be to have it run a DHCP client, or manually set a default gateway, but the Netgear devices at least do not allow that.

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Seting static routes is the only way I see to fix it.

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