Updating chassis serial number in bios

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Sys Info Serial Num xxxxx The variable xxxxx in the command stands for the serial number.

Issue the following command to verify that you set the serial number correctly: asu show SYSTEM_PROD_DATA.

in the BIOS however and this makes it difficult for systems monitoring and inventorying software to distinguish one system from another - especially if we do a clean wipe on the system.

MAC addresses are semi-reliable, but not truly unique. - such as manufacturer and serial number / asset tag into the bios (there are fields for it), but I can't edit it through the normal BIOS menu. You can try using IPMI commands to write the relevant information into the VPD…

When we are generating the component rating of the system it shows UNRATED for all the components (Please see the attachment for better idea), while a normal system shows their components rating by using same methods.

For some reason, these 3 devices do not work together.

Now on the HS22, a bunch of things happen differently.

You already provided your own answer, however the hardware you have has no serial number.

People either did not set one at manufacture, or they forgot about it.

We purchase some of our systems (desktops mainly) through a small third-party OEM.

They don't include serial number, manufacturer info., etc.

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but good luck finding out exactly where you need to write.

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