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Updating capistrano

If you really meant to run this task again, first call Rake:: Task["deploy:updating"].reenable THIS BEHAVIOR MAY CHANGE IN A FUTURE VERSION OF CAPISTRANO.

Since task `deploy:updating' was previously invoked, invoke("deploy:updating") at /home/ziaulrehman/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.4/gems/capistrano-3.8.2/lib/capistrano/tasks/framework.rake:64 will be skipped.

Owner description: We're one of a kind and hay bales of fun.

There is a bus into the town, but using a car is recommended to enjoy this location. El Capistrano Nerja’s buildings are surrounded by pretty gardens, and have a typical Andalusian feel.All of the accommodation has a kitchenette or kitchen and satellite TV.It's a great place to take a step back and let the kids experience the animals one on one.It is also fun for the adults if you let your inner child come out.

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The complex offers free national phone calls and free Wi-Fi in reception, with a laptop which guests can use.

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