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Jive Label Group was founded in 2004 as Zomba Label Group by BMG, their parent company at the time. BMG sold their half of the Sony BMG merger to Sony and Zomba Label Group was rebranded to the current Jive Label Group.

In mid-2011, Sony Music split RCA/Jive Label Group.Second, you could simply invoke the operation from the background thread to the UI thread with a delegate using the Invoke Required property of the label control. You can call that Update Status() method from any thread (UI or background), and it will detect whether or not it needs to invoke the operation on the main UI thread (and if so, does it).RCA/Jive Label Group was a short-lived American record label group, owned by Sony Music Entertainment and representing the merger of the RCA Music Group and Jive Label Group.Though the RCA/Jive Label Group was often mentioned in press releases, and the entity often appeared as a copyright and phonograph rights holder on actual releases (this changed recently as of 2010, with each individual label being credited as itself on phonograph rights), it had a less public presence and no known website.Instead, both the RCA Music Group and the Jive Label Group operate as standalone units, but shared back-office functions and reported to CEO Barry Weiss.

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