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Twin flame online dating

I met my twin flame online this is my story and I share it so you can see from someone what it might be like to meet your twin flame online..because it does happen!

and has for a number of twin flames I know including several that are in union right now including my mentor I would like to start off by first saying to imply a story that is good can also have bad parts so I’d like to refrain from calling anything in my journey either good or bad or anything like that - easy/hard etc.. It was early 2013 I had been unemployed a few months and was looking for work.

when I realized after all that time he’d never said I love you to me.

Which shows I was blind because who would put up with that not to mention becoming awakened to how he truly treated me.

So one night while he was at work I said a little prayer to the universe this was in oh March or April I think.

To paraphrase it I said I know ____ doesn’t love me so where is the man who would love me unconditionally, romantically, spiritually and Divinely.

I found some people to follow and enjoyed the time I would spend connecting to people but never really interacted with anyone.

Then in May 2013 I got an email saying this particular person began to follow me. when I looked at his photo I swear I knew him I could see things in his eyes only meant for me to know and I felt a tug at my heart unlike anything I can describe and definitely unlike anything I’ve felt for any other man I’d ever been involved with.

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Soon I began to see things from our telepathic conversations show up in his posts..

the busier he gets the less he posts - he is in a karmic relationship and he barely says a thing about his life in general VERY unlike how it was at the beginning when we first connected.. I’m working at building our connection stronger - I’ll be honest I’ve not been terribly consistent on that - life, job, etc but I’m doing the best I can.

we started talking and it was just chit chat you know nothing special and we were pretty frequent chatters..

then all of a sudden our energy in 5D intensified and little by little our conversations both in Messenger and via Twitter chats etc slowed down to nothing, he made himself busier and busier.

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