Tulani bridgewater dating

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Tulani bridgewater dating

He shares the Slayer's blood, which has aphrodisiac properties, with her as they make love while the city burns.A black Slayer with short hair in a yellow and orange outfit with ripped gloves is killed by a blond 18th century vampire.The demon hunter Sid claimed to have known this Slayer in the '30s, to the point of having had an intimate relationship with her in his pre-Dummy days.Rachel is a member of an undercover anti-Nazi organization (OSS).Saabira is a Slayer who grow up under the Taliban before being recruited by the Slayer Organisation.Location: Atlanta, Georgia & Morgan City, Louisiana.This is a Slayer from Shanghai, China who only speaks Cantonese and can't understand others; notably Giles when he was telling her about the world of the supernatural.Buffy Magazine states she survived the Hellmouth battle.

She leads them to a train that will take them to Hänselstadt, a small village surrounded by mountains and the supposed location of the sanctuary.

Tales of the Slayers ("Prologue"; "Tales", final page)Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past")Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)").

"; "Tales", final page) Nikki Wood is a New York-based Slayer in the 1970s.

Anni Sonnenblume lives with her mother and brother, Karl, in Nuremberg, Germany.

She is a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls), the female branch of the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth).

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Jacob, furious at her for killing May and for not conforming to the belief that vampires are good, drains Alexia to the point of death.