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Trollz the dating game

Spell Phones are devices based on a real life cellphones, but are adapted to provide functions for magic and spellbeads as well as provide the standard functions of a normal cellphone."Spell Calls" are used to cast spells on other trollz across long distances.The series aired on Noggin's nighttime block The N on June 19, 2006 until May 24, 2009.The series originally aired on UPN, but during the 2006 - 2007 television season, the program was part of KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS; the series was also part of KEWLopolis, through October 27, 2007.Outside the country, some like to call them "Japanese Animation" or "Japanese Comics" to differentiate series with no "anime" traits."It is necessary to create constraints, in order to invent freely.

Some artists and hobbyists build fictional worlds with no intention of writing any stories in them—at least, none more detailed than historical documents.

If they use English, expect it to be about as good as our Japanese.

Also Inverted by Japanese video games in their art style and other choices.

Extra worldbuilding that is only referred to obliquely is a Cryptic Background Reference.

Over the course of a long running series or large persistent universe such as an MMORPG, these add up to form what is sometimes known as the "invisible book"- the portion of a story which becomes known over time without ever actually being directly described.

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It makes the writing of serial fiction much easier, especially if the series has multiple authors.

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