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I'm just confused because according to newton's third law of motion, " any action has an opposite but equal reaction", hence forces in nature are balanced, and balanced forces means bodies are at rest, so how come in reality, we can observe motion? If there are two objects, A and B, and A exerts a force on B, Newton's third law says that B exerts a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction on A.So, you see, the two forces are not on the same object and are therefore not "balanced".To get to and stay on surface I had to swim or actively tread water.

So, if you use potential energy, you do not count the work weight does, that is ANSWER: First of all, the equation you write really does not make any sense and, if it does, it does only under special circumstances.Here is why: The weight of something is proportional to the cube of its dimensions.So, if you doubled all the dimensions of a man, his weight would increase eightfold.So, if you create a vacuum in a rigid balloon which has the same volume and weight as one filled with hot air, hydrogen, or helium, it would have a greater lifting force because you would not have the weight of the gas.The problem, though, is that it would be hard to make it sufficiently rigid that it would not collapse when you evacuated it; atmospheric pressure, acting on the outside of the balloon, is about 2000 lb/ft Of the four formally recognized fundamental interactions, which is most responsible for causing elements from the environment to be drawn into living cells (a reduction of entropy) and, when the cell dies, appears to cease, allowing a reversal of the organization and decay back into the environment (an increase in entropy)?

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I believe the answer is at light speed but I guess the real question is, and briefly if you can. My question is: has a scientifically qualified experiment ever, at any time, been done in the lab to show this? ANSWER: You understand wrong: matter can be created or destroyed. This is a reasonable model which approximates much of the behavior of solids. In classical physics, all those tiny oscillators could simply have zero energy, each would be at rest.

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