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Includes obituary indexes from The Florence Times and The Times Daily newspapers of Lauderdale County, Alabama. Newspapers are: the Birmingham News, Birmingham World, Methodist Christian Advocate and the Alabama Christian Advocate. Copies of the obituaries may be requested if a name is found in the index. The index consists mostly of obituaries from Prescott, AZ newspapers. Includes obituaries from 1916-1996 from the Fillmore Herald, Fillmore Daily Sun, Fillmore American and the Fillmore Gazette. The alphabetical index is linked to actual images of obituaries from "The Coloradoan" Newspaper which was published in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Currently it holds current newspaper obituaries, the Whiteside Collection with years 1973-1995 is being added and soon they will add books covering years 1879-1973. Years included in this project are 1988 to 2002 with more being planned as they become available.

It could be Stephen Hawking’s most important legacy.

As his family were coming together to plan the funeral of the “world’s most famous scientist”, his academic colleagues learnt that he has left behind a final groundbreaking research paper — completed on his deathbed — describing how humanity might detect other universes.

Times Machine is available only to paid subscribers (not including NYT Now or NYT Opinion subscribers). Advertising that originally appeared in the newspaper from 1851 to 1980 may be viewed via Times Machine but is not available in PDF files.

Photographs, charts and other illustrations may not be included with some articles published since 1981.

The unique search engine will locate names, and keywords to help you locate newspaper articles about any subject or person, including YOUR ancestors and obituaries. These obituary search tools will help you locate old and new obituaries online.

An unemployed web designer has pleaded guilty to encouraging an attack on Prince George by posting details of his school on an encrypted social media platform.Husnain Rashid, 32, from Nelson, Lancashire, changed his plea after one day of his trial at Woolwich crown court. Of the three scientists who did most to unravel the double helix structure of DNA, Francis Crick has a vast new London research facility named after him while Rosalind Franklin will get her own £110 million centre in Oxfordshire next week. The government is about to invest taxpayers’ money in a multibillion-pound project to build a nuclear power station in north Wales.Ministers are preparing to announce a deal with Hitachi, a Japanese developer, next week to...If such evidence had been found while he was alive, it might have put Hawking in line for the Nobel prize he had desired for so long. These links will take you to various obituary search engines maintained by Libraries, Universities and other sources.

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The government is about to invest taxpayers’ money in a multibillion-pound project to build a nuclear power station in north Wales.

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