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Back at Gagosian’s large gallery space, Fischer emerged from an upstairs office, where he had been, apparently, hiding from the crowd.

The artist has an open, almost cherubic face that is offset by the tattoos that cover his body.

She sees possibilities everywhere: Her conceptual enterprises may not be consistently cogent or have lasting impact, but they are invariably inventive, loud, and extremely ambitious.“Tara will stop at nothing to make something happen,” Chloë Sevigny, a longtime Subkoff collaborator and one of her closest friends, told me.

“We all come into the world with a sensibility, and Tara’s is the ability to make grand gestures.

Although this particular event—the focus of which was a pair of enormous fountains—was for her husband, the Swiss artist Urs Fischer, Subkoff seemed, as she often does, to be the center of attention.

Set designer: Matthew Stone; Hair by Hiro Mari for Redken at Salon87; Makeup by Fara Homidi for Tom Ford at Frank Reps; Manicure by Elisa Ferri for Dior at See Management; photography assistants: Johan Olander, Michelle Matson, Alex Austin; fashion assistant: Bryan Villalobos; Subkoff wears Alberta Ferretti jumpsuit.“I love an event,” Tara Subkoff said as she stood in a corner of Gagosian Gallery, in Beverly Hills, on a cool night in early fall.

“Those are my right ear,” Fischer said, taking a drag from an e-cigarette.

“I quit smoking,” he continued, seeming to want to change the subject.

The Imitation of Christ theatrics kept expanding, pushing into the realm of performance art.“Tara’s mind has always run a million miles a minute,” said her younger brother, Daniel.Since childhood, Subkoff has been constantly percolating, dreaming up extravaganzas that cross-pollinate the worlds of Hollywood, fashion, art, and, lately, social media.He was wearing beat-up jeans and a dark brown button-down shirt accessorized with a blue plaid Swatch.“This is like a modern Versailles,” Subkoff said, referring to both the packed gallery and the ornate fountains, one of which resembled a tower of champagne glasses.

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Afterward, they were all asked to donate money to an anti–child labor campaign.