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Only problem is they deal with cultural stuff surrounding sex. You know, being seen as a “slut.” For us, someone calls us that, it’s almost a compliment. ‘Cause I don’t see why women can’t enjoy the same freedom to enjoy sex as we do.

I mean, if a woman doesn’t open the “door” to us and we force our way in… Even though she’s got the SAME EXACT desires we have, if she opens the “door” too easily, she gets chastised, ostracized. But to what extent is that story meant to “control” women? It’s large, powerful, flowing, changing, receptive. So, to what extent is that word “slut” meant to control women’s sexuality?

That book’s a collection of women’s fantasies from the mouths of real women.

Nancy Friday is a journalist who had collected women’s most secret sexual thoughts and fantasies. The more comfortable she is letting go (because she knows you won’t judge her), the more comfortable she’ll be to unleash the sexual BEAST inside of her. Is there anything more beautiful than a woman in ecstasy?

Nationality: American Educational Background: She went to high school in New York City.

Family / Parents: Her Mother’s name is Elisabete Medeiros (@elisabetegmedeiros) Father name – Job – Occupation: Acting and Modeling.

Color of Hair: Her natural hair color is black but she dyes it blonde. Not to mention her sexuality can bring the strongest of us to our knees. And then of course there are the husbands who’ve historically worried whether his children really are his. One big reason women SEEM like they’re not into sex as much as us is because they have the social consequences to deal with. And even emotional consequences (sex is often an emotional experience for women). They just have more stuff to deal with around it than we do. The album was released on November 29 under Jive Records. Just when I think I’ve found the perfect ass, another bombshell comes along and proves me wrong. Anyway, this post is about curvature and Suelyn Medeiros is the queen of all things that bend.

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She’s a 30-year-old Brazilian model who’s astounding T & A ratio is nothing short of a perfect 10/10.

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